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My Journey

When I borrowed a camera from a family member several years ago, my love for photography began, since then it has grown and grown. I first started to combine this love with my love of motorsport and in particular motorcycle racing. This combination really helped me progress my skills and when I look back at some of my first work I really have come a long way (those images wont be seen on here LOL). In more recent times I renamed my motorsport photography 'Hi Cam Images' inspire by the alias 'Hi Cam' which my Granda used to report in the local papers after race events. I decided to keep the name going in his memory as he loved all things motorcycles. In recent years I have combined my love of photography with other loves, pets and sport. The fast paced action involved in both means the skills I have gained can be transferred across all aspects. All in all I love to capture moments and to see how these moments mean families can have everlasting memories. If you would like to have a chat about anything I can offer you in any aspect of photography please visit the 'Contact' section.

Thank you, Ryan.

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